October 22, 2014

Join the Rock

Join now. That was what the music sign read in the hallway. She shook her head at flyer and wondered why she ever thought musicians like Ritchie Skaggs were spoiled rich beyond their wildest dreams. This was obviously not the case with the band's lead singer. Or if he was, there was certainly more to the man than riches and fame.

For one, it was obvious he loved music and wanted to share it with the world. She had even caught a glimpse of it in his eyes and the way he played his guitar on stage.

She shook her head again, certain she had gone stupid for thinking the way she just had about a man she knew nothing about. And didn't she hate heavy metal? Wasn't she just raving to her best friend about the noise?

October 21, 2014

You Will Stop in Coffeyville KS Whether You Want to or Not

As a writer, I usually don't mind visiting small towns because they are a great place to enjoy those little mom and pop places you just can't find anywhere else. However, it's downright wrong and devious when a small town like Coffeyville, KS lures people into stopping for their events like the State Fair and Rodeo by putting up road construction taking place signs to get unsuspecting victims to take notice!

At first when I saw these road construction signs right around the time the State Fair and Rodeo came to town, I thought they were just doing some real road construction. But, over the years it became obvious that this was not the case.

Every year right before Coffeyville's State Fair and Rodeo comes to town, up goes the road construction signs stating road construction and to slow down to 25 miles and hour rather than the normal 40. Really Coffeyville? How devious of you! If you want to get visitors to come to your events, show case that event, don't try to trap them into it! People will want to stop at your event if you give them something to talk about, something to be excited over. What they don't want is a fake road construction sign telling you to slow down, only to learn later there was no road construction after all. That my friends will just piss people off! Get smart and showcase your events! Build better websites and spread the word! Use social meida to your city's advatange! Get your act together and make Coffeyville at town people will be excited about visiting and not one people frown upon and refuse to vist ever again!


The loud audio equipment bursting with noise was not music to her ears, in fact, she hated it. She couldn't understand why her best friend had to drag her to this terrible noise she called heavy metal, in the first place. She could have been at home cleaning her house or shopping for groceries where it was safe. Here she was not. Here there were too many people shouting and screaming, trying to fight their way past the pathetic young hoodlums this town passed off as security guards that could care less if the singer on stage was mauled or not. They were in it for the money,nothing more.

She hated this town for that reason. They cared more about financing their personal pocketbooks than this town's existence. And she was rather surprised to even learn this noise pollution of a band had accepted the town's offer to play here.

Ritchie Skaggs and his band members were in for a hell of a shock if they thought for one single moment they'd be making big bucks off this town. A hell of a shock indeed.

October 15, 2014

Listen Independence, KS, Stress Kills

Why don't we listen to Mother Nature and do what our bodies are telling us to do. Why do we wait until our bodies break down before we realize our wake up call, for some not even then? It's a question that boggles the mind. Yes, stress can kill despite what friends or family may think.

There really is only so much we can handle in life and our bodies are not meant to be pushed beyond that limit, yet we continue to do so. Why do you think we have so many health issues from diabetes to cancers to diseases and simply failing health? When we lack energy and feel blah, there's a reason for that. We introduce junk to our bodies that the government is okay with because they profit from it. We work until we are fatigued without some time to ourselves to just relax simply because we cannot afford that time off or our bosses think we don't really need it because we've pushed ourselves before.

So what can we do to change this? How do we start living life again and stop abusing out bodies?

Well for starters, stop listening to your boss 24/7 and start using the word no. If no is not an option, try, "Can I postpone this until tomorrow?" If your boss isn't being reasonable and is expecting more than normal, maybe it's time you bring the situation up to a new pair of eyes or consider a better work environment.

On your days off, make time for yourself, even if it's just an hour or two out of a day. Get out of the house, go for a walk or window shop downtown. When I didn't work on the weekends I use to love going to yards sales in our hometown of Independence, KS to find books for myself, or things for my family and home.

Even if you can't get away from home, try something new. Cook something creative and bring a taste of the new into your home. I have always been fascinated with the Caribbean, so the idea of Caribbean cooking is a break away from Kansas to me.

Or if I'm one a tight budget and can only afford free at the time, I'll spend time at the park or our local library with a notebook and pen and just work on my novel. It's as simple as that!