November 19, 2014

The Untold True Love Story of Influenster

She stopped in front of the building with those big bold words she knew by heart, She had lost everything over the past few months and things were only getting worse. She closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh.

Life was never easy for anyone, but for her this was the ultimate. The loss of a writing job she cherished, the closing of a building and loss of co-workers who had become more, the promised income from that job to survive on now in danger itself, the loss of her mother to cancer, the battle of her 2nd mom, her aunt's cancer, the diagnosis of her own disease caused by stress.... The list could go on, yet here she was standing tall in front of what she considered one of the greatest influential companies for the biggest brands.

Today could be the best day of her life, if she could just show them she was a survivor, a fighter and her love for products and writing would never die. The passion had been there deep inside, burned in her soul no matter what life tossed her way.

There were so many great brands with Influenster, she could never name them all. Even the latest with the Influenster App was exciting news to her!

She hesitated for a moment remembering the stolen package sent from Influenster a few years ago. It had been another road block in her life, a slap in the face from her own family as she had tried to make a name for herself in this competitive world. Yet somehow that hadn't stopped her. Instead, she had still welcomed that family member in her home. Instead, she was now standing here in front of Influenster, ready to prove that road blocks were only that. That you can make your own path no matter how tiny you are in this world. That without the hearts of mom and dad bloggers, there would be no love for great brands, and without Influenster we may never discover those hearts.

She looked up at those big bold letters once more, took a step forward and opened the door to the future of branding, to her future, her heart and soul.

November 17, 2014

The Real-life Romance of Superman and Lois Lane

I'm sure many of us know of someone who is a fan of a comic book hero like Superman and some of us may even know of a real-life hero. Well, I have a very good friend who many know as Superman. Not only is he a huge fan of the comic book hero, he is one of the few men that I know who truly lives through honor and respect of those around him. But there's more to Superman than just being an everyday hero. There's a life very few people get to truly see. It's the heart and soul of a man in love. Below is his story......

I met Lois in college while standing in line at admissions. It wasn't your typical meet and greet either! Standing there minding my own business when someone scratches down my back lightly..sending shivers up my spine, very sensual shivers at that! Intrigued, I turned around and discovered a beautiful brunette with blonde highlights smiling that smile. You know the one, the one that says, "I know we'll be together some day:)" We introduced ourselves..Lois and Clark. Who knew the future of those names? As it turned out, we had several classes and breaks together.

Between saving the day, making corny excuses as I went, and classes, we'd study together and talk. Always, those gorgeous brown eyes glancing up at my hazel blues. One evening, on break, we were both hungry. I offered to drive her to Wendy's. She was hesitant at first, guess having a General as a father does that to you. But her heart won out and she acceded to going.

We parked in an empty lot to eat and chat. Both nervously talking as the rain started patterning on the windshield. I was very nervous, imagine the Man of Steel nervous over anything! I very much wanted to kiss her:) No ideas were forthcoming on how to proceed. Lois was nervous too, I could see it on her face. I told her to count the raindrops that fell on my windshield. She proceeded to count and I kissed her on the nape of her neck causing her to lose track around twenty drops.

We knew from that moment that we were destined to be together. The evening ended as so many others do, an emergency only I could hear beckoned to be answered in a red blue blur! Making up yet another pathetic excuse, score another for a Clarkism.

Exiting quickly, donning my red and blues, I thought, "She's the one for me!" Flying away with a lopsided smile, I truly felt bad for whomever caused that night to end so abruptly. Up, up, and away for now. Oh, by the way, those excuses are coming along much better now that she knows who I truly am. Be good, honor your parents, and obey the laws. - Matthew Cramer

November 5, 2014

Should You Become a Slicethepie Member

Most people looking to make money online will give slicethepie a bad name. The biggest reason for this is because they are looking for a fast buck or high money-maker to get them rich quick. As with any legit program that offers an incentive, that's just not going to happen. Sorry. You have to work your way up the ladder in the world of any business offline, so why wouldn't you do the same with a job opportunity online like Slicethepie.

Here's What I Know:

I've been a member of this music reviewing company for several years now. When I first started out, I had that frame of mine where I decided if I couldn't make big bucks right away, it simply wasn't worth my time, no matter how much money I saw. I wanted to see results immediately! So, of course like any insane fool, I put the website aside and looked into other things. I had started out making pennies for a paragrah review and that just wasn't enough for me. Really? How dare I!

Eventually I started working for Online Entreprenuer Mike Stokes from Stokes media who taught me a great deal, and I realized there was huge opportunity behind Slicethepie if I was willing to put a real effort towards building a rank as a member. I started reviewing music again and watched those pennies turn into $10 a week for just a few hours of work on and off. Yes, I still wasn't putting my best effort into the company, but I did start listening carefully to what other members of slicethepie had to say about writing really good reviews. I was slowly learning. Today, after just a little more effort, I'm easily making $10 a day and that's in between doing other jobs. It's not a full-time effort for me, so imagine what a member can do if they really put some time into the website.

Imagine What You Can Do Too:

If you sign up as a member and write a good review, commenting about the beginning, middle and end of the song, including the different instruments, the vocals, rythtm, beat, lyrics and so forth, you'll get a decent amount of change. Some of the best reviewers are making $1000's a month just reviewing songs and getting other memembers to do the same. Now keep in mind this will take effeort and a lot of it on your part if tis is your goal, but in the end, it will be worth it! Even if you'd prefer to write on and off like I do, $10 a day isn't too shabby at all. Work that 5 days a week and that's $50 a week. On average I make 10 cents a review for about 2 minutes of writing.

Working For SlicethePie:

The best thing you can do when writing a review is be honest. Don't lie for the sake of thinking you'll hurt the artist's feeling or piss off the company, you won't. Music artists are putting their work out there so they can learn from their fans to improve on their tunes and make things happen! They expect a good honest review and so does slicethepie. It shouldn't be anything less.

You'll be listening to at least 90 seconds of the artist's song before you are able to write a review. Hearing 90's seconds of the song is very fair and will again, allow for a good honest review.

Be expected to hear a variety of styles of music, even those you hate with an absolute passion. There are some music styles I can't stand, but I still have to review it with an open and honest mind, so just get over it because it's all a part of the job.

You'll gain rank and watch the progress of that gain on the meter on your scout page. It's simple enough and you can track your progress with excitement!

There's an engergy meter right below that on the same page that keeps users from abusing the program. So there's this idea you may have. I know I did. Write an okay review just barely enough to get by, make some change and write as many as you can in that 90 seconds per a song time frame, right? Wrong! Slicethepie wants good reviews and not just a quick review to make money. This is fair of course, but those of us looking to make money online the fast way will see it differently. Once that energy replenishes, you have to wait for the meter to fill back up, but if you're like me, Good reviews mean more money and you can still make a fair amount even with the energy meter. Here's a hint: I make 10 cents a review on average, write a review every 2 minutes and that energy meter never deplenishes on me.

You can cash out every $10 to your paypal account. Yes, you'll need a paypal account and on average your paid on a weekly basis. Need I say more? I think not.

Ready to Get Started:

Become a Slicethepie Member! You can cash out for ever $10 you earn and see it in your paypal account on a weekly basis on average. Sweet is all I have to say!

October 27, 2014

The More I Learn The More I Dislike Coffeyville, KS

Yesterday afternoon I was checking out the local businesses of Coffeyville, since I work there and was really stunned to learn that their local tag office must charge a $1 fee with their customers in order to keep their doors open! I’ll be straight up honest, the town of Coffeyville, KS is really starting to piss me off. Why are we allowing our businesses to shame it’s customers into giving them extra money just to keep that business’s doors open? We need to be helping these businesses by showcasing events in this town, like Independence, KS does. We don’t need to be trying to trap people into visiting the town that’s for sure, but that’s another shocker of a post I’ll write more about later. Right now, I want to know why this town is going downhill so badly. I want to know why these businesses are struggling so badly and why people don’t want to live here. I want to know why this town isn’t benefiting as it has in the past that is now long and forgotten. So what’s up Coffeville, KS? Why is your town struggling so badly? If you're a fan of the hit TV show, "Fraiser" and "Daphne Moon" you may be interested in knowing more about her natural skin care product,Tellurian. Her skin care line is formulated for both baby and mom, and of course it's all natural. No more harsh chemicals and that's the best news yet for this Insane Writer with itchy dry skin!

Joy Smith also known as The Insane Writer, is the author of the Sci-Fi novel, The Generation. You can email her at She can also be found on Twitter @theinsanewriter.

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