June 25, 2014


"I found wholesale coolers here."
He said pointing at the webpage ad with a smile. She knew he had been planning their camping trip for months, so the news she was about to tell him would be devastating.

She had been called into shift for overtime and there was no way around it. She was a manager, so taking un-necessary time off was not an option at her job. She let out the breath she had been holding and braced herself for what was about to come.

"I can't go." The moment the words had spilled from her lips she regretted it. That sweet smile turned to extreme anger. The hand that controlled the mouse met the center of her chest, the blow so intense, it knocked her out of the chair and on the floor.
"You bitch!"  


I think my blog has died and gone to heaven along with almost every blog out there. Blogs use to be huge. Where are they now? Are they a fad gone with the times that bloggers eventually became bored with? I can't say I'm bored with blogging, just no time to post.

Yet I'll still find subjects that peek my interest and just go for it. Sometimes they are a hit, other times they're a miss.

One thing I have noted. I really need to add more photos. Readers love pictures it seems and can't say that I blame them. They capture what words cannot and give us a glimpse of the blogger's life.

On another note, I managed to share my writing life with my other job and peeked their interest. Pretty insane for a big-wig company, I think!

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May 27, 2014

If These Chains Could Talk

 Hello darlings. I haven’t been to a party in so long, yet I’m a partying kind of dress. I’m sure it is obvious from my gorgeous shining silver and dashing shoulder chains. I’m not going into detail as to why my owner is giving me up, like my friend “Pink”, because I’m classy like that, but I’m worth it my darlings!

Here are my details:

I’m a sexy size Large by Body Central, but my owner says a Medium size beauty queen wear this well too.

I’m in great shape! No tears, no holes, practically perfection!

I come from a smoke-free environment.

I overheard my owner asking $3 for me!!! Am I a gorgeous bargain or what?!

To purchase me:

 You must leave a comment on this blog post.
You must be willing to pick me up. I’m located in the Montgomery County Kansas area.

Better hurry darlings. I want to get on the dance floor soon and simply can’t wait!

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May 17, 2014

Swinging on the Beach

It's summer and while most of us love the idea of heading out to the beach, kids often prefer parks where there are plenty of things to play on.

But often times, we as parents would prefer to stay at home and let the kids play, especially when you live in bigger cities and traffic is a huge stress.

I have a friend with a little one and I often wonder if she's ever looked for swing sets in virginia beach, where she's close to. She's a stay-at-home mom and it would be a perfect idea for her son.

What do you think? Is a swing set a better idea than a huge park for your little one? Do you prefer the quietness of home sweet home or do you like play dates at the park?